Dwyer Chiropractic Center was established in 1999 by Dr. Charles Dwyer.  There came a point when another chiropractor was needed to allow more people in the valley to be seen and that is when Dr. Scott Shelden joined the practice in 2009. Along with chiropractic we wanted to be able to help our patients with their overall health too, so in 2014 Jodi Dwyer became our wellness coach for our diet program after her own amazing weight loss story and she later became a life coach as well.  In 2015 we added massage therapy to continue helping our patients.  Since we were more than just chiropractic we decided that a name change was needed and we became DC Wellness Center!  And it didn't end there, we moved to a new building in 2021 that allowed us to bring on a 3rd chiropractor, Dr. Carlos Rivera, who joined us in 2022!

Dr. Charles Dwyer

Dr. Scott Shelden

Jodi Dwyer

Dr. Carlos Rivera