When you first arrive at our office you will be greeted by a friendly face welcoming you to DC Wellness Center and getting you started with the new patient paperwork (unless you have already printed them off of this website and filled them out ahead of time).  Be sure to be as thorough as possible when filling out your information and what you are seeking care for. 

Once the paperwork is done you will be taken to the doctor's office where you will watch a short video on the Gonstead system that we specialize in.  After the video the doctor will be in to take and in depth health consultation where he will go over the things you have filled out on your paperwork and answer any concerns about starting care.

After the consultation you will be shown how to get ready for your exam.  The exam will consist of a full spine chiropractic examination where instrumentation, visualization, static, and motion palpation, and lastly the x-ray will help to determine where your problems are, you will receive a gentle specific chiropractic adjustment.  You can expect to hear and feel the vertebra move closer into it's normal position when the adjustment is performed.  Very little if any pain occurs when receiving a chiropractic adjustment.

Once the adjustment has been completed then the doctor will give you some instructions that help with the adjustment as well as some things you might expect to feel later on that same day of the adjustment.  Then you will be shown back to where you can gather your things and make your way back out to the front desk where your first visit can be taken care of and you can schedule for your follow up visit. 

Typically the doctor will want to watch you for a few visits to see how you respond to care and then there will be a "Report of Findings" where you will be shown the results of your tests and given and estimated care plan.  You will be offered several friendly payment options catered to meet within your budget as well as what your insurance will cover if that applies.  Because of the inital paperwork and new patient exam, you can expect about and hour and a half for your first visit.  After that your regular appointments will be much shorter.